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Jun ruentex Jade Technology Co. Ltd is located in the World Kite -- the beautiful coastal city of Weifang. The transportation here is convenient and the environment is beautiful. It is a modern open tourist city. Jun Tai Company to human health as their responsibility, stand in the height of the world, human health concerns, from sleep health, healthy eating and drinking health, put forward the "treatment before disease, the health" health plan. The company was founded in 1998, 19 years of successful operations, the global total of more than 350000 people have experienced Jun ruentex products.

The total area of 3000 square meters, is a professional R & D and production of jade far infrared physiotherapy products industry leading enterprises, is the sole owner of Shandong province jade far infrared physiotherapy products production license qualification of formal R & D and production enterprises, the introduction of international advanced production technology and advanced production equipment, the integration of domestic jade, agate, crystal, stone and other rare natural resources, combined with the traditional culture, jade culture China Kang and TCM principle, R & D and production of jade, jade warm warm mattress sofa cushion, cushion, warm jade belt, jade pillow, stone, cement pipe warm warm mattress mattress, Pakistan warm jade health mattress and a series of warm health products.

The company strictly in accordance with national GB17652-1998 standards for production, through the ISO9001:2000 certification, its technology is in the leading position in the world, and the natural attribute of retained maximum in the production and health factor, to ensure that each piece of jade material of natural and reliable, won the national invention patents, is a professional enterprise big warm jade health products R & D, production and sales.

The king is the "non ruentex, health industry development base" leading enterprises, have extensive cooperation in the field of health industry and many African countries. The company has its own exclusive jade mine, with many products and technology patents. Because of excellent products and excellent service, our products not only sell well in China, but also export dozens of countries.

The king of jade products have been China ruentex quality supervision and Management Committee, Chinese brand product recommendation Committee, Chinese credit association as a "national customer satisfaction focus on the promotion of the brand" and "China famous brand", and has won the "national quality assurance industry ten strong enterprises", "Chinese enterprises", "advanced unit of consumer rights", "civilized integrity of private enterprise", "China credit enterprise certification system demonstration unit, Jun Tai Company was recognized as" quality, service, credit grade AAA gold unit ", in 2014 by the 11315 national enterprise credit system named" Lixin unit "in November, childhood Chairman Mr. Wang Zhihong invented jade pillow are selected for the 2014 Chinese Quality Award for outstanding achievements in scientific and technological innovation. The brilliant achievements of the major domestic and foreign media have reported we make Jun for human health.

The company is "China Kang" to declare the world's intangible cultural heritage, due to actively participate in social activities and tremendous contribution to the industry, Mr. Wang Zhihong and chairman Jun Tai Company won a number of awards, media coverage. The "excellence" magazine has repeatedly interviewed and reported in non Health Ambassador Mr. Wang Zhihong, to promote China jade mining huokang culture, for the outstanding contribution made by non health communication.

The chairman of the company Mr. Wang Zhihong will be sent to the first people China huokang culture across the ocean, is China international economic and Technical Cooperation Association named "China most influential entrepreneurs", China Quality Evaluation Association named the "2014 China innovation people Leadership Excellence Award" and a number of domestic and international awards, known as the world famous jade health experts. He is the vice president of China Africa Trade Promotion Association, vice president of China Africa health and vice president of the African investment union, President of Asia Economic Development Association and health industry association. At the beginning of 2012, Mr. Wang Zhihong led his team and the Arab cooperation, launched the "China Africa friendly vanguard health project", is Jiajun million ruentex health experience center is implemented in the world. The purpose is to human health, so that our national culture and health Kang jade culture into thousands of households around the world, Chinese.

Based on the original traditional jade mattress products, the company specialized in nowadays more and more people, people, people with cancer, metabolic disorders, infections of intractable intractable skin patients, especially developed "Jun Pakistan far-infrared hyperthermia class ruentex jade" and "jade far infrared Jun ruentex Pakistan" the jade cushion energy far infrared hot compress physiotherapy blanket "and other products, by activating the body's own natural healing magic, endless Oliver struggling in the desire to healthy people, build a healthy Noah's ark.

President Xi Jinping proposed to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream, the Chinese dream is to achieve the people's dream, and the people dream is inseparable from healthy dreams. Non friendly health project is leading the implementation of Jun ruentex disease engineering health dream for the people of the difficulties, for the world children filial piety and great love project!

Jun Runtai company to "humble Pucheng, Suntech knew of" the spirit of enterprise as a rising country in the east of Tim brick tile, to enjoy the health, taste of life "as the enterprise motto of friends, to" health for human health center to build the first brand "as business philosophy, and strive for human health and longevity!

Jun Tai Company with broad mind, welcome friends from all over the world, focusing on the global, there have been a number of domestic and foreign dignitaries to visit the company, with dozens of overseas enterprises

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